Blast from the Past: Foolish Foolish

•March 13, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Strophic and I are back from our random hiatus and we’re starting up our Blast from the Past corner.  And to kick it off, here’s a song from the young but talented Matsushita Yuya: Foolish Foolish.

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Tired of Waiting for Nothing

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This is late, I know. But after reading about this a few weeks back, I felt that I needed to get something off my chest about the entire situation. I blame procrastination as well as too much schoolwork mixed together with life- and so, I apologize.

After weeks of hoping, praying, and wishing for 2PM’s return as their original 7-member group, the one thing that Hottests all around the world feared came true.

2PM’s leadja, Park Jaebeom, decided to permanently leave the group. According to JYPE’s official online letter posted on February 25th, it was because Jaebeom confessed to a representative on December 22, 2009 that he had done something wrong during the Again and Again promotions.

And apparently it was even more serious than the MySpace controversy.

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One Way, One Sound

•March 12, 2010 • 1 Comment

Who’s your favorite now?  So goes the tag line for the newly debuted trio One Way.  As audacious as the claim may be, it definitely is supported by their tremendous display of talent with their debut single “Magic.”

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F. Cuz needs No One

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Coming out with their first single after their debut, F. Cuz returns to the scene joining the massive Kpop dark concept.

Are you ready for their new independence?

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Run: a New Page of Epik High

•March 8, 2010 • 1 Comment

DJ Tukutz got married and left for his mandatory military service.  Tablo married and is now back from his honey moon and on his way to being a father.  What is the next page in Epik High‘s journey? Epilogue: Run.

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Bridging Ballad and Electric: 8eight

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The talented co-ed Kpop ballad group 8eight has announced its return with its upcoming mini album “The Bridge,” which is set to release on the 30th.

Thank goodness their management has eased the wait by releasing the MV for their new single: “Availability Period.”  If you have not seen it, be ready for a pleasant surprise.

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Good bye Leadja

•March 4, 2010 • Leave a Comment

It’s been ages since I last posted.  As you all know, there has been a huge controversy in the kpop world concerning the official withdrawal of Jay Park from 2PM.

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