About the Editors:


Hi guys, I’m opus.  It’s been a while since we’ve written in general.  We get whisked away by this uncanny thing called academics.  I do sing and play piano as hobbies.  My credentials do not go all too far.  Except, maybe an occasional youtube video.  I started listening to Asian music back when I was still an embryo (I kid you not, my  parents are into Asian music too, just they’re a bit more outdated than I am).  Since then, I’ve pretty much dedicated my life to chasing Asian music.  Why?  There are always the amazing diamonds in the rough, but more often than not, there are a lot of idol groups out there.  Contemporary music is a gray area in the Asian culture, so most of my time is spent sifting out music, and convincing my parents that the new is still worth a listen.

Hope you guys will enjoy our blog!

~ by opusnothirteen on July 15, 2010.

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