Asian Kids (on the block)

After successfully collaborating for the international and English tracks of Epik High’s album [e], Kero One, Tablo, Dumbfoundead and MYK are back in action with a new collaboration named Asian Kids.  What’s better yet, Kero One is dropping his new single of the same name.  Are you ready for the action?

Kero One’s single will be release on May 18th and will release his full album,  Kinetic World, in June.

Kero One single May 2010

Here’s the official description of the actual single:

From his upcoming third album, Kero One is back with his first single, entitled “Asian Kids.” Known for his laid back grooves and jazzy hip hop sounds, Kero One throws a curveball here, experimenting with a dark, syncopated beat, cinematic synths, and a sped up rap flow. “Asian Kids” features Tablo (front man of the Korean group Epik High), MYK, and Dumbfoundead, bringing together various rap styles to address the often controversial issues of Asians in America.

Kero One states, “I rarely hear anyone address these sort of issues in the media, much less in music recordings, so I thought I would gather all my favorite Asian artists and have them drop their two cents.”

Kero One’s third full length album entitled Kinetic World releases June 2010.

Kero One’s album will be featuring Dumbfoundead, Tablo and MYK, who have come together to show some love for Kero One by introducing his new album and single, check it out:

If this hasn’t gotten you excited, I don’t know what will.  Kero One has been a fantastic Asian American artist, breaking ground for artists in the US.  Him plus Tablo, Dumbfoundead and MYK, we’re sure to be in for a treat, not only lyric and content wise but also musically.

This has officially made my week, if the fact that exams are over hasn’t yet.  Until then, show love and support to this talented artist on Twitter.

Thanks to takeki from pluglabel for the info!

~ by opusnothirteen on May 16, 2010.

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