It’s Certainly that Time AGAIN: Coming Full Circle with Jay

I guess you could call this irony or a coincidental, either way, I find this kind of amusing.  While Strophic and I are celebrating the 1st Anniversary of this here blog, Jay is definitely celebrating his 23rd birthday and a whole new share of limelight after his fall from stardom more than a half a year ago.

Ironic thing is, the first post I ever posted on this blog was also about Jay.  So how about coming full circle after the clouds?

After much anticipation, Jay comes out with his collaboration with hot Asian American artists Dumbfoundead and Clara.  To be honest, this track is so much more than I expected, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.  Here’s to Jay, Dumbfoundead and Clara:

I absolutely love the lyrics for this track.  It’s cleverly written and very accessible while really showing each of their talents.  My only complaint will be Clara’s lack of diction, which seems to make her consonants drag and makes her total sound drag, but that is very minor in the whole scheme of things.

What’s even better, good news for all of us poor students! Dumbfoundead has graciously posted the track for us to download for free.  So as a token of thanks, drop a comment of thanks and encouragement on each of their youtube channels.

And if they weren’t famous enough, StirFryTV had their Youtube spotlight on Jay Park, where Jay personally confirmed his and AOM’s participation in Hype Nation and more.

I am very happy to see Jay coming back into the limelight on his own terms.  It has been enjoyable seeing him grow after he moved from Korea and coming back to support what he believes in and making his art possible with his own hands, giving thanks to God, friends and fans.  Obviously, I am looking forward to everything he comes out with.

With that, much love to Dumbfoundead and Clara.  They are absolutely talented.  I have so much respect for them for doing what they want to do in a world and society where Asians are stereotyped as the quiet smart kids who end up being engineers.

At the same time, much love to Jay Park!  Happy Birthday, Jay! You’ve come a long way since your last birthday.  Keep on persevering and doing what you do.

And to all our readers, thank you for staying with us.  Strophic and I have come a full year with this blog that was a random spin off of an idea I had.  Thanks for sticking with us through thick and thin, exam time and cram time!

~ by opusnothirteen on April 25, 2010.

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