Secret: Back with SECRET vocal MAGIC

After teasing us with an MV teaser with an instrumental of a song and a minimalist concept, Secret has finally revealed the full MV to their title song: Magic.

Secret has always had amazing vocal power.  Of the girl groups, Secret definitely has one of the strongest vocalists, which has allowed them to forgo auto tuning (which is a major pro in my book).  They have amazing voices, but I wonder what their management is thinking at times.  Well, I’ll keep silent for a couple minutes while you guys check out their new MV:

This isn’t the first time I liked their album songs more than their titular song, and this is definitely one of those times.  With a minimalist style, I thought they’d go for something stronger, or darker per say.  I definitely did not expect this track to be it. I mean there’s nothing really wrong with it, it’s just that the retro throwback isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you see their MV teaser.

But being Secret, they pull off the song very well.  Magic has got to be one of the most vocally pure mainstream songs I’ve heard all year: not a hint of auto tuning and can be easily reproduced live with instruments.  This kind of song also puts forward Secret’s vocal strength, which seems to be the round for competition in April.  With Rain coming back with a ballad and Hyori coming back with a hip hop genre piece, dance will not take the contention spot.  Instead, it’s whatever appeals vocally and popularly.  To that point, their management has skilfully played their cards.

The down points? I think a different song  with a stronger style could have done it all the same. To be honest, this song gives off a very big B-side feel, but, surprisingly, Rain and Hyori’s comebacks do too.  Is April the ultimate battle of B-side songs? Perhaps, but I won’t make a huge argument over this since I’m not a marketing expert.  I think my biggest problem comes with Secret’s accent and the word magic.  Yes, I know they’re Asian and English is a second language (I mean I’m Asian and English is also my second language), but the sheer number of times the word “magic” is repeated, and said incorrectly drives me up a wall.  Give me a week, and maybe it’ll grow on me. Key word here is maybe.

Anyhow, Secret has done a wonderful job strutting their vocal skills (and dancing skills for that matter).  Much luck and love to them, as they will butt heads with the biggest names in the industry this April.  In the meantime, here’s a song from their debut album:


~ by opusnothirteen on April 1, 2010.

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