H-Logic: Swing

For the past year, we’ve heard about Hyori’s upcoming album.  Now, after all the waiting, it’s finally here, well at least the title song MV is. But before that:

WARNING: If you have coulrophobia PLEASE DO NOT watch the MV.

If you have coulrophobia, or fear of clowns, I sincerely apologize because the prevalent element in Hyori’s MV is a clown.  In contrast to the sexy image of her first three albums, Hyori has taken a very different route for her album.  Again, her teaser and the album’s first song seem to go in two different directions, which I am pretty thankful for.  While her teaser shows a very comic-y style with exaggerated makeup that make her look like Lady Gaga version 1.7 but Asian, the MV definitely exploits a softer retro side of her.  Better or worse?  Here’s the MV for your judging:

Let’s be honest, the MV and music style is a lot more mature than Hyori’s previous style: not mature as in the adult content way, but rather in depth and darkness.  But I like it this way.  It shows a Hyori that’s more than flaunting her physical attributes.  I personally believe that this change in music style, while odd and may take time to get used to, is wonderful and she does well to lend her voice to make that eerie retro feel.

My only problem with the song?  The minimalist approach to the music.  The melody twiddles around the same notes the whole way through.  The good thing about it: it makes it feel really eerie.  The bad thing: it can easily be poorly sung and turned into a platonic song.  Being that this is Hyori’s first hand at this style, props to her for pulling it off moderately well.

As an aside, I really like the makeup concept for this MV, especially the exaggerated makeup in the photo at the beginning of this post.  It’s been some time since I’ve seen a showcase of makeup to enhance the MV, but this definitely is one of times.  The exaggerated make up theme really brings out the darker side and adds to the eeriness of the entirety.  And with the exaggerated makeup in the concept photos and teaser, I have a gut feeling that this won’t be the end of it.

Anyhow, April seems to be the big month of big name comebacks, with Rain and Hyori meeting on the battlefield again.  This time, they aren’t focusing on dance heavy songs but very different genres, so I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out.  Until then, Lee Hyori fighting!

~ by opusnothirteen on April 1, 2010.

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