I Did Wrong: 2AM

After coming back with their mini-album Even If I Die, I Can’t Let You Go, 2AM comes back with another hit, “I Did Wrong.”

As an added treat, 2AM is set to release a 14 minute music drama, featuring the four members fighting over one girl. Check part one out:

This is definitely 2AM’s year.  After coming out with a mini album with a variety of new styles, this really blends well with their vocals and displays their talents so well.  It’s upbeat, it’s not your normal ballad, it’s 2AM.  What I also like is that they’ve taken this time to be different from everyone else: they aren’t going to a dark concept.  They’re keeping it fresh but going back to younger days of a high school look, which I really appreciate when everyone is marking out a dark, mature, sexy look.  From a personal point of view, I think this look is better for 2AM.  2AM has always been known as a diverse group, in bright personality and in talents.  For that reason, a dark theme just doesn’t fit them.  Here it exploits their good looks and adds to it without making them look like everyone else in the Kpop industry.  What’s more, 2AM has finally found the outlet for their rapping skills, albeit different but still a good listen.

Usually I would stick in my customary complaint about auto tuning (and I guess to a certain extent I am slightly disappointed that auto tuning had to be used), but with this type of song, it’s necessary: the techno, computerized beat in the background nearly calls for some auto tuning of the vocals.  However, I am very appreciative of the fact that the producers have kept most of main vocal parts untainted by auto tuning, keeping the ingenuity of each of these singers, which is key when 2AM is a vocally strong group.

I think the only thing I’m really not okay with is Jinwoon’s hair, but I think that will grow on me soon enough.  All in all, the music video is cute, and leaves enough of a question for fans to be up and looking for.  I am really curious as to how they will promote this song since it is different from their customary ballad.  Perhaps they’ll finally get their wish to become a dancing group with this song (with Seulong and JoKwon’s dancing skills, it will be no problem at all).

Looking forward to 2AM and wishing the best to the boys! 2AM daebak!


~ by opusnothirteen on March 15, 2010.

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