Tired of Waiting for Nothing

This is late, I know. But after reading about this a few weeks back, I felt that I needed to get something off my chest about the entire situation. I blame procrastination as well as too much schoolwork mixed together with life- and so, I apologize.

After weeks of hoping, praying, and wishing for 2PM’s return as their original 7-member group, the one thing that Hottests all around the world feared came true.

2PM’s leadja, Park Jaebeom, decided to permanently leave the group. According to JYPE’s official online letter posted on February 25th, it was because Jaebeom confessed to a representative on December 22, 2009 that he had done something wrong during the Again and Again promotions.

And apparently it was even more serious than the MySpace controversy.

Obviously, the news hasn’t been boding well with Hottests- after all, they had been holding out their faith that Jaebeom would reunite with 2PM again, performing flash mobs, making tributes, and declaring, “Time will always stop at 1:59PM until Jay returns”.

So what happened after the news came out?

2PM’s fancafes and fansites have been in complete chaos- and 2PM’s official fan site on Daum lost 46,000 members (with the numbers still going) from its original 329,000 members in a matter of five hours. Taecyeon shut down his Cyworld while Junsu closed the photo and comment sections of his off from the public.

And JYPE’s Youtube channel? Ever since the announcement, comments (or should I say flames?) are rushing in- bashing JYP and JYPE for lying to the fans and giving them hope for the leadja’s return.

This seems to be the right time for the Hottests to stand as one and to unify their forces internationally, right? Sounds rather logical.

But alas, some of the Hottests have turned into Antis- all because their former Hottest selves were disappointed with the fact that JYPE and Jaebeom had come to this decision after the issue had dragged on for so long.

After JYPE officially terminated the contract for Jaebeom, “some people have spread malicious attacks and false rumors on the Internet about the remaining six members of the group and illegally used their personal information, including resident registration numbers,” the agency reported, “We decided to ask police to investigate the matter to prevent further damage.” [Quote taken from Asianfanatics.net]

…Seriously? This is how we deal with disappointment- with the sad feeling that someone who we’ve hoped to see come back, someone we were willing to forgive no matter what he did in the past?

Yes, I understand- JYPE could’ve handled the whole situation a little better. Writing “We are revealing these details through this message now because if we had lied and gave false information, we would have lost any trust that we held with the fans” in their online letter wasn’t exactly wise- considering they had already lost a lot of supporters. [Quote also taken from Asianfanatics.net] And saying that the other group members also decided alongside JYPE that it wasn’t possible for Jaebeom to continue activities with 2PM? Way to drag the rest of the members into the situation.

But the people who are spreading attacks and rumors on the net about the rest of the group and using their personal information? Now, I hear it may be Hottests-turned-antis doing this, but either way- seriously?

Because things don’t go the way we hoped it would be- with leadja coming back and 2PM returning into their original 7-member band- we take it out on the remaining members? What did they do to deserve this? It’s not their fault that this happened. I’m pretty sure that no one ever expected this.

If you are a fan of a certain band, you wouldn’t support just one individual- every person that is in the group is just as important as the next- as they work together to reach their dream. HOTTESTS, this is YOUR time to prove that the fans will carry 2PM through this storm and come out stronger than ever- not making them disband because they’re getting no support from their so-called fans. Yes, without Jaebeom, there is a hole in the group- but what about Chansung, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Junho, Junsu, and Wooyoung? They’re just as vital to the survival of 2PM as much as JaeBeom was.

And in comes the letter from Jaebeom’s mother that was posted on 2PM’s joint fanclub, UnderGround:

“Please tell all fans ‘thank you’. Please tell them to often check up on him and keep interest in him.
Through out all these rumors Jaebum could have been despaired but seeing him strong gave me more hope than despair.
Thank you to all the fans.

You have worked very, very hard.

Please forward our heart to the fans and I will pray for the wound in the fan’s heart to be healed quickly. Thank you for trusting and loving our Jaebum. This is not a good ending for Jaebum but my heart is lighter now that this issue has ended. I wish that after this entry, Jaebum will not become a bad issue. Please love the 2PM dongsaengs too. They and their families will have had a hard time because of Jaebum.”

[Credit given to Asianfanatics.net, Naver; UnderGround (Source) ; Bajaebum@2ONEDAY.COM (Trans)]

This was UnderGround’s response:

“After we read this message, we realized that no matter how big the company, they cannot compete with Jaebum. Even though those people found one small fault and thoroughly shook up his life, instead of being hurt, we can see that he is just looking ahead towards his future and so we believe that no matter where he is, no matter what happens, he will become great. Before worrying about the huge wound that hurt their son more than anyone, the hurt that their son will have to continue to live with, his parents first thanked the fans. When we see how Jaebum’s parents have taken pains to take care of the other members since they were together with Jaebum once upon a time, even though they turned their backs now, we can see why, besides these people, there has only been good words about Jaebum.

Instead of believing the words of the company JYPE and the rest of the members that came out as their representatives, the company that throughout the six months, we couldn’t find the “honesty” that they consistently responded with, with statements that what they were saying is true for four hours, we choose to believe in Jaebum’s honesty, as he is the one who has shown us his unchanging self ever since his debut. That is why we believe that the way to show him [that we believe in him] is like we have done until now, we need to continue to support and root for the person Park Jaebum.

Like we have done until now, Underground will continue to do good things for Jaebum and we will be his wings. We believe that Jaebum will be able to find his lost reputation through him continuing to show us his truthful self. Instead of supporting JYPE’s 2PM’s Leadja Park Jaebum, we will instead support “the person Park Jaebum” and we will support and hope that he will be happy wherever he goes. We hope that Jaebum and Jaebum’s parents can lay down this burden and go back to the way they were. We will never forget Jaebum and we will help him become happy. This is the best way to protest against JYPE, the company that from beginning to end only disappointed us.

From last September to February 27th, even though we were unable to get the results we wanted from these last six months, all of us from where we are currently, have done all we could for Jaebum. We are fully aware of the disappointment we all feel for being unable to get what we earnestly wished for. However, turning that sense of loss into anger and acting rashly will only come back to haunt Jaebum and all of us. We would be tearing down all of our own hard work through our own actions. We hope that you all will think twice before acting so that we and Jaebum can stand tall until the end.

We hope that the six members of 2PM will continue to have a good relationship with Park Jinyoung PD, the one that they admire so much and hope that they become the first entertainers to resign with JYPE. We earnestly hope that JYPE treats them as humans and not as a product that they are going to use and throw away.”

From Underground Emily, HeyJ

[Credits: UnderGround (Source) ; ___@2ONEDAY.COM (Trans)]

I, like opus, admire Jay’s talent, as well as the rest of 2PM. Although I am unhappy with the fact that he will not be returning, I feel that he’s brave enough already to have confessed to have done something that would’ve affected him, as well as his bandmates, negatively should it have come out like his MySpace comments.

Perhaps this was his way of ‘cleaning the slate’, and starting anew.

In my opinion, 2PM will always be 1:59PM without Jaebeom- there’s just a sense of something missing when it’s only 6 members we see on stage. But I’ll continue supporting the remaining 6 members of 2PM- as should all Hottests- and wish them the very best in their careers. Whether Jaebeom returns to the music industry in the future…that’s something that he’ll have to decide.

…Life has never really been a field of roses.

~ by strophic on March 13, 2010.

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