Good bye Leadja

It’s been ages since I last posted.  As you all know, there has been a huge controversy in the kpop world concerning the official withdrawal of Jay Park from 2PM.

I previously wrote a post encouraging Jay.  I still hold to my words from that time, but I’m going to refrain from explicitly commenting on the transcripts from the JYPE 2PM fan conference.  I feel that we are all inadequately informed and would rather support Jay in whatever his endeavors are outside of 2PM than to bash anyone without knowing the whole truth.

Personally, I am disappointed to hear that Jay might have done a “worse” controversial deed.  To that point, I believe it’s better for Jay to step away and learn from whatever wrongs he has done, take ownership and to grow.  He is no longer a child but a 22 year old man.  He may be an idol, but he will always be a person, meaning that he will have flaws, but he will also need to learn from them.  Choosing to walk away may be his way of starting again, standing on his two feet and finding his way.  If that is the case, as an admirer of his talent, all we can do is support his decision and pray that wherever he goes in the future will benefit him.

Whatever the case, this officially closes the first chapter of 2PM.  As I have said before, I admire Jay’s talent and hope for his return in any shape or form, whether it be as an idol in South Korea or as a citizen in the US.  I hate to see the seven of these boys be torn apart, but reality and wishes are two very different things.  I wish the best of luck to the six who remain as 2PM.  As the boys have requested, I will not choose to question their friendship, as it is their private matter (goodness, idols are humans too).


~ by opusnothirteen on March 4, 2010.

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